A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Please Don't Make Me Go To Space! is the playable accompaniment to the song of the same name, taken from Hot Shorts' second album I Understand and I Wish to Continue. 

To manage expectations, it's probably best to think of it less like a game and more like a playable 3min music video.

If you enjoy the song, you can listen to the whole album here: https://iiicecapades.bandcamp.com/album/i-understand-and-i-wish-to-continue 

For fans of: Weezer, cats, (not wanting to go to) space, the 90s ...

Please Don't Make Me Go To Space! was made in Godot by following a bunch of different YouTube tutorials (this one in particular was extremely useful!) and uses various modified, free-to-use assets from the Itch store.

Install instructions

If you're trying to play the game on MacOS and you get that message about it being from an unknown developer, head to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and click 'Open Anyway' ! 


Space-Windows.exe 70 MB
Space-Mac.dmg 45 MB
Space-Linux.x86_64 75 MB

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